A puri is a Balinese palace. Puri Temple reflects the near proximity to a quaint Hindu temple overlooked from The Villas large first floor balcony.


The tropical island of Bali is the most popular tourist destination in the Indonesian archipelago. Here you will find an island steeped in history and tradition, and unique in its culture of Balinese Hinduism. You will see the smiling, welcoming Balinese people in their traditional dress participating in village and temple ceremonies and making daily offerings, of flowers, fruit and incense to their gods. You will hear the unique sounds of the gamelan orchestra and the kecak men’s ‘choir’ and watch spellbound at graceful, intricate and colourful dance performances depicting tales of Rama and Sita and the monkey kings.

The creativity and inner peace of the islanders has produced a population of painters, potters, stone and wood carvers and silversmiths .The island is famous for its vistas of lush green terraced rice fields, but also offers tourists all the facilities of a good beach holiday, with fantastic seascapes for surfing, snorkelling and diving, world class golf courses, luxurious spas for relaxation and pampering and chic boutiques for the discerning shopper. Add to this the opportunities to visit tropical forests with resident monkeys, ancient temples and palaces, beautiful lakes, volcanic mountains and activity adventure centres. Welcome to Paradise – Land of The Gods!